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time-saver alert

I used this little make up hack today and I use it pretty much every day so I thought I would share my time-saver technique with you guys.

This isn’t a ground breaking discovery or anything. I’m sure many of you already do this. I love to see people being a bit innovative with their makeup. There are lot’s of ways to double up on the uses for your products. Multi-use makeup items will save you space in your makeup bag and even better-they”ll save time.

This little trick is used by makeup enthusiasts all the time. I’m guessing nearly every girl has a bronzer in her makeup collection right? Well have you ever tried using your bronzer as eyeshadow as well as on your cheeks. Bronzing powder will always have warm reddish or golden undertones that are perfect to use as a neutral shade of eyeshadow. It also makes for a great transition colour when you are doing a smokey eye.

Just today I had to get ready in a hurry (as always) while my baby threw lego around the room and insisted on helping me put on my lipstick. I don’t often get to sit down and spend 45 minutes doing my makeup anymore so time saving tricks are my friend. Today,I used my Jane Iredale SoBronze1 to contour my cheekbones and then I blended it out all over my eyes. I start at my lashline and blend it out past my socket for a really diffused, natural eye makeup look. You could do this using any of our bronzers, I particularly like the warm reddish tone of this one.

So Bronze

Do you use any of your makeup products as multi-taskers?

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