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eyeshadow pallette by the balm

I promise I will stop talking about this eyeshadow palette by the balm after this post because I know I’m a bit obsessed!

the Balm released the new Meet Matte Shmaker eyeshadow palette this month and it’s just brilliant. It’s is my favourite eyeshadow combination released by the balm to date. It has a really versatile combination of matte and shimmer shades as well as lighter and darker shades. There are a few things I look for in a good palette and they are a good transition colour, a nice base colour. Something to use in my brows and something I can use as liner.  This one has everything but the perfect brow colour and in saying that I was able to use a mixture of Matt Snyder and Matt Campbell to do my brows.

Meet Matte Shmaker eyeshadow palette by the balm

the Balm Meet Matte Shmaker Eyeshadow palette €29.50

Also take note-this palette is only €29.50, cheaper than some of it’s similar counterparts like Foiled again and the Nude Dude series. Why and how I don’t know but never ask questions if you’re getting a good deal I say!!

The colour combination is excellent. I’m a big fan of a matte brown because I use one with every single eyeshadow look. Matt Snyder is a lovely cool toned brown transition colour. Then you have Matt Stupak for a more yellow toned transition colour. I love a yellow toned transition to warm up a cool eyeshadow combintation. Or to use with red or purple toned eye makeup looks. This is my favourite one to use for a quick day time makeup look just blended out from my lash line and wrapped underneath the eye with some mascara. Matt Shavaran is a reddish brown which works well with golds and bronze eyeshadow looks. So basically I love the matte brown combination in case you didn’t get that!

meet matte shmaker swatches

Kate Shavaran and Alex Stupak are shimmery lid colours you will want to have in your makeup collection. They are just beautiful. Trust me. The rest are fun colours to play with if you fancy adding some colour to your look without going to mad.

the skin nerd

The Skin Nerd

The image above is a look I did for Jennifer Rock for going on stage for Pippa’s Fashion Factory recently. I just used the matte colours to give her a winged shape on her eyes.

I will have a couple more makeup looks using this eyeshadow pallete coming for you over the next couple of weeks. For now you can check out my smoky eye look over on Youtube.

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