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I know looking outside today it doesn’t feel like Spring but warmer weather is on it’s way. I love changing to my spring makeup bag at this time of year.

Hi everyone, I hope you have all been feeling the love this Valentines day? I used to get so excited about Valentines every year in hope I would get a card from a secret admirer. I have been a hopeless romantic all my life and always imagined him writing a beautiful card confessing his undying love to send me on Valentines day. Unfortunately for my younger, daydreaming self, I only received one mystery card in my 20 single years!

Anyway, love aside, with Valentines day comes the arrival of Spring. For me, winter is the time for pale skin, dark lips and full coverage foundation to cover up the skin problems that the cold weather brings. I find when my skin has breakouts or is extremely dry I need lots of full coverage foundation to make my skin look clear and healthy.

Coming into Spring I love to clear out my makeup bag and change up my makeup routine. My spring makeup routine is full of bronze and peachy hues. Nude lipsticks with glossy finishes, golden highlighters and warm toned eyeshadows. The ‘bronzed goddess’ look is definitely my favourite look. It’s got to be the most flattering makeup look ever. Think Victoria’s secret fashion show look here- so bronzed, healthy looking skin with strategically placed highlights all over your face and body.

When it comes to skin, it’s time to put away your Studio Fix Fluid and the Even Steven, it’s time to take out old dewy heroes like Armani Luminous Silk foundation or it’s cheaper cousin NOTE Cosmetics Luminous Moisturizing foundation. I will be wearing SPF and little else. For day wear, I love Balm Shelter tinted moisturiser and for evening Jane Iredale Glow Time BB cream for full coverage luminous skin.


So here’s what will be hibernating for summer and what I’m swapping them for:


Matte lipsticks(ive me moist, healthy-looking, plump and glossy lips any day)

Matte foundations (matte is for winter, summer is all about shimmer)

Heavy moisturisers (warmer weather should bring healthier skin)

Golden bronzer

Pink blusher (best suited to pale foundation)

Dark  and cool toned eyeshadows (Plums, purples and grey tones)

Whitelight highlighters (Mary loumanizer -although I’ll still use her to highlight my eyes and brow bone)

Black eyeliner pencil

Bringing back:

My deepest bronzers (Jane Iredale So Bronze 1, NOTE no.20)

Golden highlighters (the Balm Betty Loumanizer and Bonnie Loumanizer- they will guarantee you a sunkissed glow, I use them everywhere, arms, shins, shoulders, collarbones as well as on my face)

Nude eyeliner (the Balm Seymour Datenights-for fresh, wide-awake eyes)


Keeping All Year Round:

Illuminating moisturiser for under skin (NOTE Sunglow foundation or Jane Iredale Golden Shimmer)

Nude Lip Pencils (the Balm Acute One and Chemistry liners and NOTE Sandy lip pencil)

Bronze eye pencil (Seymour loveletters)

Now, I always say there are no rules in makeup. These are my everyday essentials in summer/winter time. However don’t be shocked if you catch me wearing black eyeliner or a red lip mid spring/summer -sometimes i just need a change!

My winter lip colour shades versus my summer lip colours:



All my favourites are available on www.muamakeup.com

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