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It’s Mother’s day this Sunday fortnight (you’re welcome for the reminder). I have some small gift idea that won’t break the bank but will make her feel loved.

I’m way ahead of the game this year with Mother’s day. I have afternoon tea booked in The White Cottages. I am so organised partly because afternoon tea books out in minutes when they announce a date and partly because I’m so scatty. The main reason is that I now organise things as soon as they come into my head because life is so busy and there’s a good chance I will forget coming up to the time. I live my life by alarms on my phone. I have reminders for everything. Usually I click the ‘alert 1 week before and 1 day before’ for everything in my calendar. That’s how much I don’t trust myself to remember anything!

As life goes on it only seems to get busier. A full working week leaves only small windows to see your friends and family and spend time with the kids. So I think we can be forgiven for the lapse in memory. So I thought I better help you all out and remind you that it’s mothers day on the 11th March, that’s just over two weeks away.

Mother’s day is a day we have always made a fuss of my mum because she is special and she deserves it. When I became a mum myself -just four days before mothers day, I loved getting a few little treats from my boys that first Sunday. Actually, now that I think of it-that might have been the first mothers day I forgot about my own mum in the whirlwind of welcoming our first baby!

Here are some small gift ideas for the woman who raised you, put manners on you and cared for you all your life to make her feel special


PureMoist LipstickJane Iredale Susan Swatch

Jane Iredale Puremoist Lipstick Susan €27

This lipstick is one of those colours that everyone will just love. While it’s a real ‘mum’ colour, I have also been wearing it all week. It’s a gorgeous pink, just a bit stronger than your natural lip colour pink. It is from Jane Iredale, the skincare makeup which I adore. The lipstick is highly pigmented and really hydrating. It soothes your lips with moringa butter and vitamins A and C. Essentially you are giving your lips an anti-ageing treatment while you wear this. There are lots of colours to choose from in the Puremoist Lipstick collection but I have picked Susan as the perfect colour for mums everywhere. Pair it with Rose Lip Pencil €16 to sharpen the edges of the lips.


alpha H Balancing and Pore Refining Mask

Alpha H Balancing and Pore Refining Mask €28

Another gorgeous present for your mum is the Alpha H Balancing and Pore Refining mask €28. This mask is like a deep clean for your skin. It draws out any impurities and helps to get rid of blackheads without drying out your skin. It’s suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin and has soothing lavender it to make using it an enjoyable experience.

Eyebrow kits:


Kiss Professional Brow Kit €12

Kiss Topbrow Brow kit

Kiss Professional Brow Kit €12


Jane Iredale Great Shape Eyebrow Kit €32

jane iredale eyebrow kit GreatShape

Jane Iredale €32.00

Mums love an easy way to fill our their brows. It’s the best way to give structure to your face and an instant natural face lift.  A Professional Brow Kit is ideal for mums (especially if like my mum they find it difficult to see up close in a mirror. It comes with a tiny little brush that I love because the handle is so short it doesn’t hit of the mirror when you are leaning into it. Each of these kits comes with a wax and a powder. The wax keeps strays in place and the powder lightly fills in the brows.

NIMA Brush 7 piece starter set

NIMA 7 Piece Starter Set €47

This is my all time favourite essential brush set. Mums love it because the handes are slightly shorter than normal so they fit in your makeup bag. They are easy to use brushes and cover all bases. You’ve got the famous NIMA Flat Head Kabuki brush in there (my favourite ever foundation brush), a powder brush for powder, bronzer and blusher. A large shader brush for easy eyeshadow application. Concealer brush, liner and brows brush and a little smudger brush for under the eyes or smudging out liner mistakes!

I hope I’ve given you some nice ideas for making your mum feel special on Mother’s day. Enjoy it and I hope you all spoil your mammies rotten with love and attention.


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