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Ladies, don’t hate me for mentioning the ‘C’ word… November 1st has hit our calendars and that means we have 8 weeks of Christmas preparations!!!

To those of you who don’t want to think about Christmas until the 1st of December I’m sorry. However, majority rules! I have had so many people asking for stocking filler ideas and who are already on top of their Christmas shopping. I have to confess -I am one of those sickening people this year. My Christmas list has been made and I have started checking items off it. Life is too busy to leave it to the last minute so I’m learning to be organised and starting the Christmas preparations early.

Shopping isn’t the only way to start organising for Christmas, we can also start preening ourselves! I am doing an 8 week beauty countdown over on Beaut.ie. This week I got a reminder from Slimming World that I hadn’t been there for a few months. But it got the cogs in my brain turning and I decided to start a pre-Christmas beauty regimen. I have always joined Slimming World around this time to lose a few pounds and get healthy before the inevitable overindulging at Christmas time.

It’s not just about weight loss and looking pretty though. It’s a chance to get yourself into a happy place so you can feel good for the party season. Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love the excuse to spend time with family and friends. You kind of have to make the time to socialise and spend quality time with loved ones at Christmas. I also love how everyone comes home for Christmas. Lot’s of my close friends have moved away, some far away and some just a train journey away but we don’t see each other all the time. At Christmas we party and I appreciate seeing all those lovely faces and spending some time with them.

With all those social occasions tends to come food and alcohol (I’m quite partial to an odd tipple I can’t lie) so now is the time to get healthy and feeling my best. That way, I don’t feel bad for over doing it for a few weeks in December! I’m starting off today by making my own granola and buying in lot’s of salady foods. I started my skincare regimen on Sunday. Much and all as I am a self-confessed product junkie, I am not good at routine. I am going to stick to my skincare rigidly for these two months and take my Omegas. My good pal The Skin Nerd gives out to me all the time for not taking them. They are something that can benefit every last one of us. They are full of good fats for skin health and hydration.


Pre-party season resolutions:
  1. Cut out the cr*p
  2. Eat more green veg and fruit
  3. Drink 2 litres of water each day (being realistic here because I won’t drink more than that)
  4. Double cleanse every day
  5. Face mask twice a week
  6. Use serum, anti ageing moisturiser, eye cream and night cream every day
  7. Exfoliate once per week with Human and Kind face scrub
  8. Use tinted moisturiser instead of foundation on my off days to let my skin breath

Just click the links in the text above to see the products I’m using. You can follow my 8 week beauty countdown over on Beaut.ie. I started off this week with a cheat cream that I love to use to help budge the cellulite and give me a slimmer body. I will have my list of top Christmas present ideas for you here on www.muamakeup.com this week. Let’s hope all my friends and family don’t read it or there’ll be no surprises this year!

Have you made any post-Halloween/ pre-Christmas lifestyle changes this week?

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