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Some of you have been following MUA on social media and on our website for the past year. Now you can actually visit us – we opened our doors on Skerries Main Street 8 weeks ago.

MUA began as my mobile makeup artist business. It then went on to become an online cosmetics shop where you could buy all my favourite products. Finally, we had to get ourselves a studio where you can all come visit us. So here we are, in our little pink paradise on the Main Street in Skerries. Located right next door to the famous Olive cafe and deli and renowned boutique Venezuela.

So what do we do here?

We take makeup bookings all day every day. You can book in for your special occasion, wedding, hen party or just a Saturday night out when you want to feel your best. We also do one to one makeup lessons and our makeup courses are starting in September. We also have gifts for any budget or occasion and we will wrap them up in pretty pink paper for you.

What makes us special?

Well we care about finding perfect products for you and giving you the ultimate customer experience. You will always find a smile in here and we are always happy to help you find what you are looking for. Whether you are a working mum, a working girl, a gym bunny or a makeup fanatic we will tailor a makeup and skincare routine to suit you.

We understand what it’s like to have just three minutes to do your makeup in the morning so we can show you what to use to get a glowing complexion in those three precious minutes. For the makeup fanatics and pros out there we have all the makeup you could want and need for your kit.

We listen

Tell us what you are looking for and we will listen. If you are scared of makeup but want to feel beautiful we can tailor a really natural flawless makeup that you will feel comfortable with. Or, if you want all out drama and sparkles for your next festival – we can do that too.

We have gorgeous gifts

If you want to spend a tenner on a little gift to cheer up someone special we will find the perfect pick me up. If you need a present for somebody tell us a little bit about them and we will recommend one of our favourites that we know they will love. We have stuff for your Mum, your teacher, your sister, your bestie, your Dad, your boyfriend, even your baby!

Pop by any time for some advice on picking the perfect foundation colour or for a chat or if you want us to put together the perfect gift for somebody special.


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