Gives smooth appearance to lips by reducing fine lines on lip contour


NOTE Ultra Rich Colour Lipstick is the ultimate in hydrating lip colour with great colour pay-off.

The hydrating formula in NOTE Ultra Rich Colour Lipstick smooths your lips and reduces fine lines on the lip contour. Argan Oil and Cocoa Butter protect, nourish and hydrate your lips for complete comfort. They also contain Vitamin E to protect your lips from free radicals and environmental factors.

NOTE Ultra Rich Colour Lipstick contain no parabens, they are dermatologically tested and should be used within 18 months of opening.

Rebecca’s Review:

I am a bit biased towards these lipsticks because I like a moisturising lipstick. I never wear matte lipsticks unless I am wearing a bold red or burgundy to make sure it stays in place. OF all the NOTE lipsticks these are my favourite. They last for about 3 hours on the lips. My favourite colours are Brownie Pink for a great everyday nude lipstick. IT will suit just about everybody. On a medium Irish skin tone it should look slightly stronger than your natural lip colour. If you are very pale it might be more of a berry tone. It’s also perfect for brides. And I love Lingerie Pink for a nude lip with a really smokey eye. If you want to go bold- Deep Orchide is a beautiful pink with a purple undertone to it.


4.5 g


01 Creamy Nude, 02 Lingerie Pink, 03 Milk Chocolate, 04 Juicy Nectar, 05 Satin Silk, 06 Candy Nude, 08 Brownie Pink, 10 Italian Rose, 14 Pink Marble, 15 Deep Orchide, 16 Pink Topaz, 19 Ginger Flower, 20 Rosy Spice

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