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A perfect plump pout can be yours in just 2 minutes with Instant Lip Plumper

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A perfect plump pout can be yours in just 2 minutes with Instant Lip Plumper. The revolutionary plumping lip gloss gives you 20% more voluminous lips with no stinging or discomfort. You’ll also experience increased hydration, reduced lines, which give a smoother appearance, and an increase in colour to your lips.

– Fuller, smoother lips

– 20% plumper lips in 2 mins
– No stinging or aggravation
– Effects from single application last up to 4 days
What to expect:

Clinical trials show an average of more than 20% lip plumping in two minutes (this is not the same as lip height growth). Please select your lip type to see what you can expect.

Very thin lips

The cupid’s bow will become more defined, lines will be smoothed and there will be an increase in colour. With continued usage over a two week period your lips can increase in height by up to 29%.

Average lips

Lips will become plumper and grow significantly in height. Both your cupid’s bow and your lip-line will become more defined.

Luscious lips

Expect a more defined lip line. Your lines will be smoothed away and you’ll experience an increase in colour.

Unsymmetrical lips or uneven lips

On lips that are unsymmetrical or fall away at the quickly at the sides, the sides will increase. Dips along the lip line will also be filled out.

Smokers’ lips

If you suffer from fine lines around your lip, apply Instant Lip Plumper to these areas at night, before you go to bed, and the lines will diminish.

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