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This gorgeous, gilded glow-getter is an all-in-one highlighter, shadow, and shimmer!

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The Bonnie-Lou manizer is an all-in-one highlighter, shadow, and shimmer! With a buttery texture and high pigmented payoff, rest assured you’ve got nothing to ‘lou’s!

Use Bonnie-Lou manizer to highlight all the higher plains of your face. Bonnie is Mary Lou’s warmer, golden sister but is not quite as gold as Betty Lou. In essence, a pale gold highlighter for a warm, glowy makeup look.

Rebecca’s Review:

The beauty of these highlighters is that they can be used anywhere. Use them to highlight under the brow bone, inner corners of your eyes or as an eyeshadow. Because they are so highly pigmented- I love to use them in the centre of the eyelid to create a spotlight eyeshadow look. Bonnie -Lou Manizer is a light golden colour so it is warmer than Mary-Lou on your skin.

the Balm Bonnie-Lou Manizer is triple milled. That means the powder is extremely fine and this triple milling process is what gives Bonnie her buttery texture. She gives a beautiful, almost metallic finish to the skin. However, it also means that it is easy to apply too much product so less is more! Just use a touch of the product and build it up slowly until you get the required highlight.

Lastly, the triple milling process makes this powder very delicate so be careful with it -they break easily. Treat her with love and care.

Read more about Bonnie-Lou Manizer over on Beaut.ie.


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